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Better on Vinyl, 3 College Rd, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9EJ.

Better on Vinyl, 3 College Rd, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9EJ.


Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player




Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player

Made in the UK Circa 1999. The Arcam is in excellent condition, draw operates smoothly and all functions work, it sounds amazing. Read the reviews below or look it up!

"The Alpha 9 is one of the BEST audio values USED or even when NEW you are likely to find. The sound stage is HUGE, the dynamics are hard to conceive based on the price and the mid-range is liquid, velvet and silky all rolled into one. It is BLACK in so far as the music just POPS from the ether and appears from everyplace with great placement of the musicians.

At the current used price of this player and the very amazing DAC that is implemented I would grab one or two or even three."

"Arcam Alpha 9 CD player: $1599
The Arcam Alpha 9 CD player is a mid-priced player at the top of the Arcam line. It incorporates an IC adaptation of dCS's formidable Ring-DAC, and traces its lineage to the admired dCS Elgar. The Alpha 9 should be familiar to anyone with any experience of Arcam's previous players: they all have in common a Sony CDM14 mechanism, chassis, interface, and remote control. Indeed, the same user manual is packed with each. It may seem strange that only a distinguishing number on the front panel (and, for the 8SE and 9, the HDCD indicator) identifies the more sophisticated models. 

The Alpha 9...is a breakthrough in sub-$2000 CD players. The performance of this 24/96 player with 16/44.1 discs withstood direct comparisons to players/DACs costing several times as much, and made small potatoes of the differences. I was particularly impressed with the bass extension, detail, and power, which will be quite welcome in almost all systems. Beyond that, its broad soundstage was truly thrilling with large and small ensembles, with superb resolution of the music's inner voices. I would be hard-pressed to justify buying a more expensive CD (-only) player"


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