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 All records are posted tracked and signed.  

Better on Vinyl, 3 College Rd, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9EJ.

Better on Vinyl, 3 College Rd, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9EJ.


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Welcome to Better On Vinyl's "second hand" and "old" record store!

I prefer to call the LP's I stock Rare Vinyl, Collectible and hard to find, or just an album you have been after that's not rare but you want a copy in excellent condition!

The vinyl will almost always have the country of pressing and whether it is a 1st pressing, e.g. 1st UK pressing on Burbank Warner Bros 1975. Please ask for any further details or clarification on any record you wish to buy if you are not sure.

I have had plenty of discussions about grading, I think that it is quite appropriate to grade the cover and the vinyl separately, for instance, cover like new and vinyl in very good condition, along with a brief description of the merits or flaws of both, including any inserts of course! Some albums have laminated covers and they tend to last better, however I think that the real collector's dream is finding a matt unlaminated cover in perfect condition. I will always try to describe the cover to let you know what to expect.

The vinyl is a little more difficult to grade, all vinyl by its very nature will produce back ground noise, however I will always clean and visually grade and will endeavour to play the records I am listing and comment on the sound quality as necessary. Again please read the description carefully before buying and email me for more information if required.